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In 2015 Jeremy and Carmen decided to re-brand the business and take it back to full time status. It was during this season they were heavily involved in foster care and by 2018 had adopted four young boys. Carmen became a stay-at-home mom and Jeremy focused on growing the business and a means of income and family support. 


With an unbelievable team in place the business continues to succeed in the Kansas City area while Jeremy has chosen the Nashville area to duplicate it. Moving to Spring Hill, TN in 2020 the plans to launch in the new location had to be put on hold as Carmen was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2021. After multiple surgeries and treatments we are thanking God Carmen has a clean bill of health and it’s time to get to work. Jeremy is very excited to bring the services of GLS to the Spring Hill and the outlying communities. Jeremy says, “We’ve already grown to love it here and look forward to what the future holds”.

Starting out as a part time side business GLS Lawn & Tree began in the summer of 1998. Jeremy took over some lawns to help out a friend. The business quickly grew and Jeremy decided to take his new found passion for landscaping and lawn care to a full time position. After several years of success Jeremy sold the business in 2005 and moved out of state where he married Carmen. 

In 2006 Jeremy and Carmen moved to Kansas City where the part time mowing started again with a full time focus on ministry as Jeremy served a local church as an associate pastor.

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